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Cycling Accessories in Hervey Bay


Complete accessory selection

Adrenalin Cycling has one of the most extensive selections of cycling accessories in Hervey Bay. Come to our Pialba location to peruse our clothing, helmets, grips, brakes, carriers, trailers, pumps, locks, baskets, trainers, lights and cycle computers.
If there’s a part or accessory you cannot find, Adrenalin Cycling will find it for you.
Skilled Mountain Biker — Cycling in Pialba, QLD

Did You Know?

The most important cycling accessory you can buy is a good helmet. It is against the law to ride a bike without a helmet in Queensland. This true of roads and footpaths. Therefore, cycling without a helmet doesn’t just compromise your safety, it compromises your wallet. You can be fined up to $300 if you’re caught without one.
Knowing that helmets are safer and help us adhere to the law, why wouldn’t more cyclists look forward to strapping theirs on? We at Adrenalin Cycling notice that many cyclists don’t have the best helmet for their style and size. Let us help you select comfortable new safety gear that is comfortable, stylish and functional.
Cyclist riding a bike on an open road — Cycling in Pialba, QLD
This is especially true for kids. We cater to cyclists of all ages, so there’s no excuse for an ill-fitting helmet that gets tossed aside.
We also have accessories to help you haul cargo, so you can handle your next shopping trip on two wheels. Add lights for night rides and upgrade your grips to something more comfortable.
Visit us in store today for cycling accessories.