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Electric bicycle — Cycling in Pialba, QLD

Electric Bikes in Hervey Bay


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Adrenalin Cycling in Hervey Bay is proud to offer cyclists in the region the very best in electric bikes. Adrenalin carries TEBCO, NCM, Apollo, Trek and Orbea brand bikes and electric trikes, so customers can enjoy modern technology at competitive prices.
Come by and see us in Pialba, where we can provide an electric bike suited to your needs. If you want an electric bike for commuting, The Electric Bicycle Company (TEBCO) produces unbeatable commuter-friendly models. TEBCO is well-known for its electric cruiser-style bikes, which are easy to operate and maintain. They are perfect for commutes and joyrides on level ground and also very aesthetically pleasing.
Women on electric ebike — Cycling in Pialba, QLD
The TEBCO Transporter is another option. This electric trike offers front and rear cargo space for shopping trips. These bikes are safe, stable and super high-quality. The Transporter also features a pedal activation system and a digital trip computer. It’s a great way for commuters with reduced mobility or specific cargo needs to get around safely and efficiently.
Adrenalin is also a carrier of the immensely popular Journey folding bike. These are lightweight, foldable electric bikes for city commutes, so you can switch between cycling and public transport during your daily journey. If your commute includes going from rolling rural areas to level concrete, you’ll love the journey, which can be geared to navigate hills.
Electric Bikes — Cycling in Pialba, QLD
Worried about assembly and operation? You never have to worry when you come to Adrenalin Cycling. We can help get you acquainted with all of the excellent aspects of your new electric bike. Our team also offers state-of-the-art keyless power activation and lithium batteries on all-electric bike and trike models.
Let the Adrenalin team help you find your best fit today.