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Push Scooter on the road — Cycling in Pialba, QLD

Scooters in Hervey Bay


Scooter sales & repairs

Adrenalin Cycling has a great range of scooters appropriate for all ages. Stop by our location in Hervey Bay to check out our selection. We carry scooters from top brands like Envy, Triad and Crisp, with scooter replacement parts from Oath.
If you want to keep your scooter in great shape for years to come, we’re the shop you’ve been looking for. In addition to scooter replacement parts, we also offer routine servicing and one-off repairs.
Our team encourages people of all ages to try a scooter. Many think scooters are just for kids, but they offer adults a lot of the same great benefits.
Man riding a Scooter — Cycling in Pialba, QLD
Improve your balance. Who couldn’t benefit from better balance? If you eventually want to start cycling, but your balance is a serious issue, enjoy a scooter first. If you participate in other activities that require balance, such as yoga or surfing, you’ll find that riding a scooter can help you improve in that area.
Get outside more often. We at Adrenalin Cycling are enthusiastic about outdoor activities. Hopping on a scooter is just one of many fun ways to get the physical and mental health benefits of the great outdoors.
Man on a Scooter — Cycling in Pialba, QLD
Save a little petrol. Scooters are suitable for short commutes. If you have to make it around the block quickly, there’s no need to drive or walk. Save a little money and still make it on time with a scooter from Adrenalin Cycling.
Keep fine motor skills sharp. Sitting at desks and staring at screens is a big part of our modern lives. However, it does nothing to preserve our motor skills, which can begin to decline with age. That’s why the hand action required to operate a scooter is just as great for adults as it is for growing kids.