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Bike Servicing in Hervey Bay


Cycle servicing and repairs

Just like an automobile, bicycles, trikes and scooters require repairs and maintenance to function optimally. At Adrenalin Cycling in Hervey Bay, we’ll service your bike and provide the spare parts needed to keep it running.
A bike needs to be inspected regularly. The best practice is to follow your ABCs, which in this case stand for Air, Brakes and Chain. Our team will ensure your tyres are inflated, your brakes are tested, and that your chain is clean and operational.
Man Repairing Bicycle — Cycling in Pialba, QLD
If you have experience maintaining your bike, you should be able do these things yourself. However, if you notice something isn’t right, bring your bike to the team at Adrenalin Cycling.
For instance, your brakes may not be functioning properly. If you don’t feel confident making sudden stops, they should be serviced immediately. If you notice you have to squeeze very hard on your brake levers to get a response, this also requires attention.
The team at Adrenalin has experience with a wide variety of models and their braking systems. Stay on the safe side and bring your bike to us!
Bicycle repair — Cycling in Pialba, QLD
Good tyres are also essential to safety. If you find yourself always pumping air into a tyre, consider replacing it. Missing tread, wear, cracking and excessive nicks could actually be small punctures and should not go unnoticed. Adrenalin has replacement tyres for you, at a highly competitive price.
New bike, trike and scooter owners get to take full advantage of our servicing. We perform free essential services within six weeks of purchase.