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Zwift in Hervey Bay


Your Zwift experts

Interested in trying Zwift, the latest and greatest in training? Adrenalin Cycling in Hervey Bay is proud to offer this exciting, innovative program to customers, available by the hour.

What is Zwift?

If you’re looking to become a better cyclist, Adrenalin has the perfect training program for you: Zwift. Zwift is an app that allows you to train indoors. But unlike regular stationary cycle training, Zwift is highly engaging and fun. You can race against other Zwift users or get a targeted workout.
Training with Zwift can give you a competitive edge in cycling. Zwift workouts are specially formulated by professional cycling trainers and coaches to help every rider meet their goals.
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Ready to Race

Adrenalin Cycling knows that preparing for your first foray into racing can be intimidating. It typically costs money and you may not be sure what to expect. We recommend Zwift to help you measure your capability against that of other live indoor riders.

Get Your Bearings

Completing workouts and taking rides for fun gives you the comfort and safety to assess your skill. This can be very helpful if you’re deciding what type of bike to buy. Train with Zwift here at Adrenalin and let us help you select the right bike for your style, anatomy and skill level.
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Meet Your Goals

Cycling can be a pricey hobby, even when prices are as competitive as Adrenalin’s. We want every customer to be satisfied with and confident in their purchase. Train with Zwift to achieve desired skill level and reward yourself with a professional quality bike when you meet the goal.
The staff at Adrenalin Cycling are very well-versed in Zwift. Call or visit today to get more information and book your first training session.